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Taking the lead on sustainability

Taking the lead on sustainability

Sustainability can only be addressed through long-term solid commitment and, inevitably, the ultimate goal of sustainable sourcing is to build strong, long-term relationships with suppliers.

This will require cooperation up and down the supply chain, from sourcing and manufacturing to warehousing and shipping. A supply chain is only as green as its weakest link.

At WSM Plastics, we feel it’s important to work with plastics professionals that have a deep understanding of how plastic products are made. We can provide the resources and technical expertise in plastic processing to aid in tool making and manufacturing. This expertise can be particularly helpful in choosing the right toolmaker and injection moulder to partner in producing your project.

When the market is saturated with products, the supplier that you choose to make a difference will stand out for your stakeholders. Becoming ‘greener’ with plastics means choosing one of a few routes and using recycled, reprocessed or bioplastics polymers. Here at WSM Plastics, we have become aware of recent developments in the recycled plastics industry that has indicated to us this might now be a way forward into a new sustainable future.

Recycled plastics are now more widely available as an option in plastics injection moulding and can be used for fast turnaround prototypes or mass-scale manufacture and comes without any loss in quality. Whether a flexible plastic part or a unit that requires a high degree of tensile strength these polymers can be well suited to being reused in a variety of industrial processes.

To chat with us further about how we can help you with your long term sustainability strategy, contact one of our helpful project team members.