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We deliver solutions to your requirements, helping you create the right products more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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We are highly experienced across the full production lifecycle from design, prototyping, toolmaking, injection moulding and post moulding services

Water treatment sector

We manufacture specialised parts for the water treatment sector

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Bespoke solutions for the water treatment sector

As part of the water supply industry WSM Plastics work with WRAS approved materials and hermetic seals for critical components.

Water treatment sector

The water treatment sector is a huge industry globally and cities across the world rely on facilities who require a vast amount of equipment to move, filter, clean and redistribute water. There are many other devices that are also required for individual households such as filters for tap water and companies who produce and install devices such as drinking fountains, bottled filters, drink dispensers and automatic flush toilets to name a few.

This equipment must be made from components that can withstand many different factors. Many metals have been known for their durability but can be extremely corrosive when presented with certain conditions. For this reason, many manufacturers providing equipment for both industrial and residential water treatment have had to consider different materials and now rely on plastic components which are more durable and longer-lasting.

What we do?

As part of the water supply industry WSM Plastics work with WRAS approved materials and hermetic seals for critical components. Many of the products we manufacture need to be water potable approved and work to high-pressure testing requirements.

By discussing your component requirements with us WSM Plastics will be able to assist you to prioritise the properties that are important for your transport project. So, whether your project requires only a handful of parts or production volumes in the millions, we can deliver bespoke in house tooling and plastic injection moulded components that meet your exact specifications. WSM Plastics are constantly improving our processes so that we can exceed our client’s expectations every time.

Clear benefits for your business

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Alongside standard and engineering polymers WSM Plastics actively promotes and uses recycled polymers where possible.

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WSM Plastics is a proud member of the Made In Britain association and seeks to offer UK made solutions first.


From high volume to low volume plastic parts production, we support you throughout your entire project

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We manufacture components for other sectors too

As well as working to create an extensive range of tools and plastic moulded components for the water treatment industry, we also work across several other industries, including medical, aerospace, marine, security and hygiene to name a few. Find out more

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Why use us?

We have over 25 years' experience in tool making and plastic injection moulding. We offer:

  • Customer focus
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Made in the UK
  • Experience in advising you to choose the right material including recycled plastic
Plastic Injection moulding products

“We go the extra mile to help you get your product manufactured on time and on budget. “

Emma Spilsbury, Business Development Manager

+44 (0)1903 875888

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“The team at WSM Plastics will always strive to improve processes and make the highest quality product in the most efficient way. WSM Plastics always seek to work in partnership with their customers, making for a great business relationship.”

Gavin Bridger Head of Manufacturing Operations at Harvey Water Softeners

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