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We deliver solutions to your requirements, helping you create the right products more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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We are highly experienced across the full production lifecycle from design, prototyping, toolmaking, injection moulding and post moulding services

Medical sector

UK-based tool maker and component supplier for the medical industry

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Emma Spilsbury

Supplying the medical industry for over 20 years

To cater for the needs of the medical industry, we work with our customers to ensure we meet the regulatory approvals necessary for the medical sector.  For over 20 years we have been supplying medical training aids, medical equipment and cutting edge innovative technology.

Solutions for the medical sector

The demand for excellent quality, injection mould tools and components is constantly growing and the medical sector is one of many industry’s that requires plastic components and devices.

Plastic injection moulding is a manufacturing process that offers itself not only to the production of high-precision complex components in medical applications but also low-medium short runs for trailing purposes.

A high degree of accuracy and tolerance is an attribute of the plastic injection moulding process making it a favourable method for not just the medical industry but other industries as well.

Ideally, when developing medical components or devices that will be made of plastics an experienced, technical injection moulder should be included in the project concept, design phase, prototyping trials and testing as well as throughout production.

WSM Plastics quality you can trust

At WSM Plastics we understand the medical market sector is ever-changing and Involving an experienced tool maker and injection moulding team early on in the design process helps not only safeguard against adverse outcomes right from the start but can expertly see your products through to launch.

WSM’S expertise in plastics, part & tool design, and manufacturing as a whole is invaluable in avoiding delays in critical projects. We help with project management, reduction of unnecessary costs and the potential dangers of designs that aren't well suited for the injection moulding process.

We have developed a strong customer base and work closely with our medical customers to gain a better understanding of their specific needs and safety specifications. We continuously ensure that we are up to date with the necessary industry requirements and upgrade our facilities accordingly.

Clear benefits for your business

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Alongside standard and engineering polymers WSM Plastics actively promotes and uses recycled polymers where possible.

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WSM Plastics is a proud member of the Made In Britain association and seeks to offer UK made solutions first.


From high volume to low volume plastic parts production, we support you throughout your entire project

To find out more about how WSM Plastics can benefit your business visit our contact us page.

The WSM Plastics promise

The WSM project team are first class in the field and combine great skills that complement each other perfectly. They go beyond the scope of the brief and offer solutions to various design issues that may arise.
Providing a high level of support right at the start of your project which begins on receipt of your enquiry, we can provide you with a Design For Manufacture (DFM) review of your component. At the earliest stage of the DFM process, we will focus on ease of manufacture and optimal mould tool configuration.


We serve other sectors too

As well as working to create an extensive range of tools and plastic moulded components for the medical industry, we also work across several other industries, including aerospace, marine, transport, security and hygiene to name a few.

WSM Plastics prides itself on finding polymer products to solve complex engineering issues, with over 25 years of experience in polymers, tool making and manufacturing.



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Why use us?

Over 25 years' experience in tool making and plastic injection moulding manufacture. 

  • Bespoke solutions
  • A responsive supply chain
  • A UK-based technical team
  • A UK-based project management team
  • In-house design support
  • Bridge tooling
  • Serial production tooling
  • Engineering grade polymers
  • Rapid prototypes
  • A proud member of Made in Britain
  • Low and high volume production
  • DFM feedback
  • Material Expertise
  • Alternative far east tooling and production solutions
WSM Plastics Measurements

“We offer our customers a bespoke service with the support of a senior project manager. “

Martin Jones, Technical Sales Director, WSM Plastics

+44 (0)1903 875888

“Quality control is at the heart of everything we do. Our ISO 9001 shows our commitment to our customers and ensures that we have systems in place to monitor and manage quality across all our operations.

Steve Corral, Managing Director, WSM Plastics