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Q & A – Tool making and injection moulding

Over 20 years ago Harvey Water Softeners (HWS) approached WSM Plastics asking for support with their tool making and injection moulding manufacturing processes. Since then the partnership has continued to grow and WSM Plastics has been their key injection moulding partner for over 20 years. We asked Gavin Bridger, Head of Manufacturing Operations, at Harvey Water Softeners about his experience with WSM Plastics. You can read a case study about Harvey Water Softeners here.

Q & A with Gavin Bridger, Head of Manufacturing Operations, at Harvey Water Softeners

Why did you choose WSM Plastics?
We have chosen to grow our partnership with WSM Plastics due to the fantastic support offered in all areas of the business along with their world-class knowledge in all aspects of tool making and plastic injection moulding.

What benefits have you seen since working with WSM Plastics?
WSM Plastics are fantastic at supporting us when there is an issue or tight timelines, running additional shifts, or moving production around to ensure that we can continue to produce.

What do you like most about the experience with WSM Plastics?
Whilst being experts in the field of injection moulding, the team at WSM Plastics, is always personable. It does not matter how big the challenge is or how disruptive this might be. They always support us and supply products to the highest quality level.

Please contact WSM Plastics for further information about their tool making and plastic injection moulding capabilities.


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