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We have specific expertise across these specialist areas and can also help across other tool making and injection moulding requirements

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We deliver solutions to your requirements, helping you create the right products more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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We are highly experienced across the full production lifecycle from design, prototyping, toolmaking, injection moulding and post moulding services

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Post Moulding Services offed by WSM Plastics

At WSM Plastics, our services don’t stop once the parts are made. We are able to offer secondary operation services to complement our tool making and injection moulding.

Ultrasonic Welding

 Ultrasonic welding is a technique commonly used in the plastic injection moulding industry to join two components together with high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations. The finished product consists of glue-less joints free from connective bolts, screws or fastenings.

One of the biggest benefits of ultrasonic welding is that it is a cost-effective way to join parts, and helps designers overcome design constraints sometimes experienced with other joining methods. Our ultrasonic welding facilities can weld a variety of thermoplastic components.

The equipment provides a high degree of reliability and repeatability and can be used for other functions including riveting, swaging and inserting.

Pad Printing

As part of our post-moulding services, we offer pad printing so you can include your name, instruction information or company logo.

Adding detail to your product can increase usability, add a personal touch and is a useful way of emphasising certain parts of the product. For example, you can pad print safety features onto a device to illustrate the correct operation to users.

We have two colour pad printing in-house and have an established supply chain for Painting, RFI Coating and other special finishing operations. The flexibility of pad printing allows us to print high-resolution, defined designs onto almost any product regardless of size or shape, while the variety of inks available means that we can match the colours to suit your company’s corporate colours and branding guidelines.


 We offer customers a full-integrated service where we work with you to develop your idea into a finished product. We can also design and manufacture any special purpose assembly and test equipment required in-house. Soldering is a process in which two or more metal items are joined together by melting and then flowing a filler metal into the joint-the filler metal having a relatively low melting point.

One of our current offerings includes soldering for Printed Circuit Boards and cable assemblies. Whether you require rework or small to medium batch build, our trained team carries out soldering to IPC-A-610 standards.

To find out more about post moulding services offered by WSM Plastics, contact us today.

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