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Key things to look out for when choosing a toolmaker

When it comes to choosing a toolmaker, there is a lot to consider. Tooling capabilities vary from company to company, and many offer different options. From designing complex tools to precision-engineered machine parts, a wide range of applications need tool making.

Here we look at the some of the key things to look out for when choosing a toolmaker.


Do they have designers who can support your design Can the company work with the materials you need? Or if you’re unsure what materials you need, can the company provide guidance?

What are their in-house and outsourcing services so that you can get the best value?

What are their prototype options so you can review the tool before you purchase?

Can they adapt to your budget?


Look at their expertise, and if they have sufficient experience in what the product requires, so you get a good service and receive a high-quality tool


What is the quality of materials used? Do they have a dedicated quality process?


How long will it take the toolmaker to complete a particular job? Generally, when it comes to making tools, there will be some lead-time.

Customer service

Toolmakers should offer a good pre and after-toolmaking services as well as customer service. Are the company friendly and approachable? Is there someone you can talk to with expertise and knowledge?

It is important that a toolmaker is interested in the success of your company and is able to provide expert advice

While not an exhaustive list, we hope it provides some insight into what you should look for when choosing a toolmaker. Keeping these considerations in mind will ensure you select the best toolmaker for your business.

If you are looking for an efficient, cost-effective and quality toolmaker, we can help. We have over 30 years’ experience in listening to our customer’s ideas and helping them achieve it.

At WSM Plastics, we offer a full service from concept to creation.

  • We design our UK tooling in-house using our experienced design team. We offer advice on materials and design concept to ensure we produce suitable tooling.
  • We use modern production techniques to produce new tooling quickly and cost-effectively.
  • We have the ability to trial new tooling in-house, using this opportunity to refine the tool and process to achieve the required quality expectations.
  • We can conduct engineering changes, design and manufacture.
  • We offer both tool manufacture and moulding solutions.
  • For projects with a tighter budget, we have options available with our longstanding partners. The result being a cost-effective tool to UK standards and a full UK warranty.

For more information, contact us today.

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