Chinese government officials with wsm staff

Chinese Government Officials WSM Plastics Head Quarters in Lancing


WSM Plastics Ltd has recently had a site visit from Chinese Government Officials to see different production methods in collaboration with Modern Moulds and Tools Xiamen, based in China.

Modern Moulds and Tools Xiamen, part of WSM Plastics Ltd, is based in Tong’an that is facing a high drive of economic development. The Chinese government will be supporting the growth of Modern Moulds and Tools Xiamen as part of the current economic development in the area.

We invited them to see the headquarter facilities and how the business operates in partnership with Modern Moulds and Tools Xiamen. It was a very successful visit that included operational overviews along with introductions to key team members across the group.

WSM Technical Sales Director Martin Jones also met with the Tong’an officials on his recent visit to China strengthening the relationship and bonds with our Asia partners, during the visit Martin visited the new building site for the new global headquarters of MMT Xiamen and WSM Plastics Ltd due to open in 2020.

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