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We have specific expertise across these specialist areas and can also help across other tool making and injection moulding requirements

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We deliver solutions to your requirements, helping you create the right products more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Our specialist services

We are highly experienced across the full production lifecycle from design, prototyping, toolmaking, injection moulding and post moulding services

WSM tool making service

Tool making

We offer a comprehensive range of UK and Asia tooling solutions

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Bespoke mould tooling solutions for cost effective results

Our on-site UK-based and Asian toolroom facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery that provides bespoke mould tooling solutions. We work closely with our customers during each stage of the tooling process, from component design, Design for Manufacture (DFM), Mould Flow Analysis (MFA) to the construction of bespoke tooling solutions.
WSM Plastics can also provide routine maintenance of existing tools upon request. 

Tooling manufacture & solutions

Upon receipt of your order, our teams will work with your component design to carry out full Design for Manufacture (DFM) and Mould Flow Analysis (MFA) assessments. Our modern design software is integrated with multihued CNC machine centres using the latest Solid Works, AutoCAD and CadCam software. Following this, a General Assembly (GA) design and review of the tool will take place with the WSM Plastics technical team and you the customer. Our tool manufacture is carried out in line with the agreed GA, ensuring all elements of the tooling are correct to the specified dimensions and tolerances.

Once complete, tooling will then be moved to our production mould shop to run the first off trials and process validation. Here, the mechanical functions of the tooling will be checked. We will then carry out a full process evaluation on the component and material. During tool sign off WSM Plastics and our customers will check the components for dimensional accuracy and functionality by our quality team liaising with our customer at all times.

Clear benefits for your business Recycled polymers

Alongside standard and engineering polymers WSM Plastics actively promotes and uses recycled polymers where possible.

Made in Britain

WSM Plastics is a proud member of the Made In Britain association and seeks to offer UK made solutions first.

turnaround Tailor-made solutions

From high volume to low volume plastic parts production, we support you throughout your entire project

To find out more about how WSM Plastics can benefit your business visit our contact us page.

Our tooling services

  • Tool design
  • Tool prototyping
  • Tool manufacture
  • Tool servicing, maintenance and repair

WSM Plastics also have the capabilities to assist with the transfer of tooling into our UK facility from an existing supplier. We will work seamlessly to ensure the reduction of any supply chain interruption during the transition into the WSM Plastics process.

Find out more about our design support, prototype, plastic injection moulding and post-moulding services.

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Why use us?

  • Bespoke solutions
  • A responsive supply chain
  • A UK-based technical team
  • A UK-based project management team
  • In-house design support
  • Bridge tooling
  • Serial production tooling
  • Engineering grade polymers
  • Rapid prototypes
  • A proud member of Made in Britain
  • Low and high volume production
  • DFM feedback
  • Material expertise
  • Alternative far east tooling and production solutions
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