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We have specific expertise across these specialist areas and can also help across other tool making and injection moulding requirements

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We deliver solutions to your requirements, helping you create the right products more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Our specialist services

We are highly experienced across the full production lifecycle from design, prototyping, toolmaking, injection moulding and post moulding services

Post moulding service

We are supporting your project from start to finish

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Our services don’t stop once the products are made.

Products and components, often need additional services such as assembly, ultrasonic welding, pad printing or any other finishing touches. Our in-house post moulding services offer you a full range of options to complement your entire project needs. 

Our services include:

Product assembly and testing

Our assembly and testing department is providing fully assembled and tested products to meet your requirements. We are ISO 9001:2015 accredited and our internal controls and processes allow us to be part of your supply chain, by supplying finished goods to the highest quality standards to meet your regulatory approvals.


As the plastics industry shifts from single components to part assemblies, we are constantly developing our finishing lines to support this change. Some of our current offerings include soldering for PCB and cable assemblies. Whether you require rework or small to medium batch build, our trained team carries out soldering to IPC-A-610 standards.

Ultrasonic welding

One of the biggest benefits of ultrasonic welding is that it is a cost-effective way to join plastic parts together to create a strong, permanent bond free of connective bolts, screws or fastenings. Our facilities can weld a variety of thermoplastic parts. The equipment provides a high degree of reliability and can be used for other functions including riveting, swaging and inserting.

Pad printing

Add a personal touch to your product with our pad printing service. We can pad print your logo or safety features onto your product. Pad printing allows us to print
high-resolution, defined designs onto almost any product regardless of size or shape, while the variety of inks available means that we can match the colours to your
company’s brand colours.

Bespoke customer packaging

We offer bespoke customer packaging solutions to meet your requirements.

Find out more about our design supportprototypetool making and plastic injection moulding services.


Post Moulding Service

Why use us?

Over 25 years' experience in tool making and plastic injection moulding manufacture. 

  • Bespoke solutions
  • A responsive supply chain
  • A UK-based technical team
  • A UK-based project management team
  • In-house design support
  • Bridge tooling
  • Serial production tooling
  • Engineering grade polymers
  • Rapid prototypes
  • A proud member of Made in Britain
  • Low and high volume production
  • DFM feedback
  • Material expertise
  • Alternative far east tooling and production solutions
Pad Printing Machine

Clear benefits for your business

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Alongside standard and engineering polymers WSM Plastics actively promotes and uses recycled polymers where possible.

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WSM Plastics is a proud member of the Made In Britain association and seeks to offer UK made solutions first.


From high volume to low volume plastic parts production, we support you throughout your entire project

To find out more about how WSM Plastics can benefit your business visit our contact us page.

“From design support through to the manufacturing and assembly of the final product, our team supports you throughout every stage of the process."

Martin Jones, Technical Sales Director, WSM Plastics

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