To review and fine-tune your product before it goes into production, we offer a prototyping service to ensure your product is fit for purpose and is manufactured cost-effectively.

A prototype is put simply, a three dimensional model of your idea.

Prototyping methods can range from 3D printing using CAD data to CNC machining. Our dedicated project team is here to help guide you on the most suitable method of prototyping for your business need.

Prototype Mould Tooling

Prototyping Mould Tooling allows our customers to manufacture a small production batch of between 100 – 250 units. This gives the option to conduct field trials, test components and to review the design before purchasing the production tooling.

The prototype tools are manufactured from hard-anodised aluminium or a pre-toughened steel, to manufacture a single piece or small family tooling.


CNC Prototypes

CNC prototypes are a cost-effective alternative to tooling by allowing customers and designers to produce physical working components for the evaluation of a final design. With this method of prototyping, we can offer you a robust, working model with a high degree of accuracy.

Depending on your design, we will work with you to decide on what is the best method for producing your prototype models.

Rapid Prototype

If you’re working under tight deadlines, rapid prototyping, also known as 3D Printing, may be a suitable option. Rapid prototyping uses CAD software, which creates three-dimensional models that you can view on a computer screen.

We produce the models in-house, from single parts to the full model. This makes it a great way to evaluate a new design or design change before manufacturing the tool.

To find out what prototype works best for you, contact us today.